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Vampire Survivors was created as a rogue-like shooter game by Luca Galante, who was also called poncle. It was made available for Windows and macOS on 20th October 2022, after an early access tenure that began on December 17, 2021. On 10th November 2022, ports for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One were made available.

Vampire Survivors PC Game Download

Name Vampire Survivors
Initial Release Date
31 March 2021
Android, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, iOS, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems
Mode Single-player video game
Roguelike, Indie game, Shooter Video Game, Casual game
Category PC Games >Casual

The objective is to survive the onslaught as long as you can to unlock new characters, relics, and weapons for later sessions. The player has to control a character that can attack automatically while combating endless waves of monsters. None of the various monsters encountered are vampires, despite the game’s name and key art.

Rogue-like games are an all-time favorite of hardcore gamers. These games bring along a very exciting experience for the players. Vampire Survivors is one such video game with rogue-like elements. If you haven’t played this game before, you must read this post till the end to know more about its gameplay, features, development history, and more.

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In an unending stage with a recurrent, automatically created layout, the player chooses one of several characters, each of whom has a unique starting arsenal and set of bonuses. The objective of the game is to survive as long as you can against waves of monsters that damage you when they confront you.

The player’s weapons automatically attack. The player can find useful objects such as “floor chicken,” which replenishes the player’s health and experience gems, which are needed to level up, by defeating enemies, and by wandering the stage and finding them.

When a player has gathered six weapons as well as passive power-ups and fully upgraded them all, they can choose from three or four passive power-ups and three or four weapons with each level increase.

Any additional levels only grant the player access to floor chicken or gold coins. Opening chests, which are dropped by especially powerful devils containing five, three, or one item randomly, is another way to enhance your weapons and power-ups. The majority of weapons have the best version that can be obtained by unlocking a chest if they have been fully upgraded and additional prerequisites have been met.

Depending on the stage chosen, Vampire Survivors sessions have a stipulated time of 15 – 30 minutes. On reaching the time limit, all foes are removed from the stage. Then a final, incredibly powerful foe called Death will spawn. The player will eventually die as a result of an additional Death appearing every minute after that.

A session that finishes successfully and earns bonus gold coins does so when the time limit of the stage gets over. Gold coins accumulated between sessions can be used to buy new characters and permanent power-ups. In addition, the player can get additional characters, stages, and weaponry by completing tasks.


In theory, Vampire Survivors takes place in 2021’s rural Italy. Many brave survivors including The Belpaese family decide to track down and kill the evil Bisconte Draculó as hordes of monsters he summoned to wreak havoc on the countryside. They travel through monster-infested areas on this quest, including a menacing tower, an eerie forest, a stranded dairy plant, an extraterrestrial chapel, and a ghostly library.

The plot of this game is very interesting and you can play this game for as long as you want. There are different modes in which you can play this game and it has super easy controls to play the game with.


It was explained by the game’s developer Luca ‘poncle’ Galante that he developed the game as he wanted to organize a community, based on his older experiences of being an admin for a server of Ultima Online.

The game derived inspiration from Magic Survival, an android game consisting of characters that can attack enemies automatically. The first early access version of this game was developed after almost one year and Galante had to spend nearly £1100 on music, art, and assets.

The game became successful beyond their expectations of Galante and he quit his full-time job in February 2022. The main aim was to emphasize only the game’s development. He was informally helped by some friends in their leisure time. There were a lot of planned items in the game like extra stages, characters, weapons, and an endless mode.

Galante intended to take the game off its early access by 2022 end. Several freelancers were hired by Galante in month March 2022 to extend the team of Vampire Survivors and improve the speed of development.

Apart from defining the opportunity for lots of new content along with a roadmap, Galante also stated that a remarkable milestone was slated for the middle of 2022 that would get a porter to the game engine meeting the requirements of industry standards and enhancing its complete performance.

The full game was released for Windows and macOS on 20th October 2022. The game was then ported to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on November 10, 2022.

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How To Download Vampire Survivors For PC

  • Download The .ZIP File From The Above Download Button
  • The Game is Pre-Installed, All You Need To Do is Extract
  • After Installing Open The game.exe
  • If You Face Any Errors, Install All .dll Files From The Redlst Folder
  • If You Still Face Problems Contact Us Or Comment Below.

Vampire Survivors PC Requirements Minimum

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows 7
  • VIDEO CARD: Info

Tips & tricks to play Vampire Survivors 

  • Know your enemies 

The enemy kinds in Vampire Survivors are numerous, and some of them have stronger variations that range from a small HP boost to a huge upgrade. For you to successfully exploit weak foes and mine stronger adversaries for Chests, you must become familiar with your enemies’ actions and have a general idea of their Health.

Targeting weak opponents like entry-level blue ghosts and bats helps in reducing the horde and accumulating XP gems for quick upgrades. When you’re amidst difficult levels, you can recognize the weaker enemies as you can kill them quickly and free your path to a safe area. This will also help you acquire valuable things such as the Floor Chicken.

It is important to identify stronger opponents because they provide a greater threat and need a lot more damage to be defeated. However, if you have room to move, you can chase them down to prevent them from becoming a greater threat amid an undifferentiated swarm and to gather the high-level Gems and chests they drop upon dying.

  • Use floor items wisely 

Some Special Items spawning as floor loot will soon appear in addition to XP gems and Coins. With features like a flamethrower, the capacity to stop time, along with a magnet that pulls in all nearby XP-gems, these objects are incredibly potent.

Because of these uncommon artifacts’ game-changing power, you might be tempted to collect them right away, but wait until the right time to use them. For instance, when a flamethrower Special Item can spawn and the opposing horde is mildly scary, you ought to wait to take it until you’re sufficiently surrounded by foes to maximize the Item’s effect.

Although you should use them strategically, you shouldn’t wait too long to collect them because it’s easy to lose track of Special Items when you’re being pursued by thousands of ghouls. Special Items can be an invaluable get-out-of-jail-free card that can help salvage even the most scuffed of runs.

Except when utilizing the Pentagram weapon, which kills every enemy and has a chance to remove every item and gem from the screen, special items won’t vanish.

  • Randommazo account 

If you want to play the game along with the Arcanas active, you shouldn’t forget that you start each run by choosing a particular Arcana modifier. Assuming that you survive enough in the run, you will gradually have chances to choose two added Arcanas from any random pool.

This format is the reason why you choose your favorite Arcana so that you’re not only dependent on hope and luck that your preferred Arcana lands in any one out of four-card pools to choose from. Secondly, it might seem simple but you should analyze your goals and inventory before making a selection of third and second Arcanas.

As you will see in the game, you will find your weapons and items and your numbers towards the left of the screen on your Randamazzo account. Choosing your inventory and numbers wisely will help you choose Arcanas that increase your present items and weapons or arcanas which can enhance any stats when needed for enhancement.

  • Go into each run with a goal 

When you start any run you must know that your main goal is to select the useful Arcanas, Weapons, and PowerUps to accomplish all your targets. As you enter most of the guns naturally along to complete a stage, the rest of the time you will be more devoted towards unlocking the characters. You also need to complete some specific achievements.

For example, you may get into a run with the target to unlock the Arcana card, VII known as Iron Blue Will which requires you to reach Level 99 alongside Gennaro. Keeping that in your mind, you can also send things to Crown PowerUp to boost the worth of all XP gems and as you play the game, you can choose different things like Attractor to boost the XP easily.

These selections will lead to lowering the damage of output but they will also help you in making quick progress in the objective. You need to set your objective first and allow you to access level 99 when the horde finally engulfs you before the clock hits 30 minutes.

  • Use keyboard

It makes sense to move the player character in many PC games with the mouse. By doing this, the player’s off-hand is free to press keyboard hotkeys. Compared to utilizing the keyboard and making movements and the mouse to trigger on-screen buttons or tabs, this is a lot more efficient.

In the Vampire Survivor game, there is simply mobility; weapons fire on their own and either hit random targets or the closest foe. The WASD keys on the keyboard should be utilized because this game only requires one hand to play. Most seasoned players would advise newcomers that it is more interesting than it is to use a mouse. Of course, using a game controller is the best method to play this game.

  • Different characters 

On Vampire Survivors, there is a wide selection of characters to pick from, as well as one secret character that may be chosen by any key input in the top menu. Beginners will be aware that they can only access Antonio. Players will learn about the various skills of the other characters as they acquire them.

Recognize when to employ a character. Imelda Belpaese should be used by players who want to level up more quickly, whilst Mortaccio or Gennaro Belpaese should be used by players who want their weapons to fire more projectiles.

The beginning weapons for the characters vary as well. When you plan a playthrough, keep this in mind as various weapons have different effectiveness levels based on the stage that is chosen.

  • Use pick-up items 

A pick-up object is dropped after the destruction of the light sources. A gold coin is nearly always given, but occasionally one of the more uncommon pick-up items is as well. The three that are most important for the player to learn to recognize quickly are Vacuum, Nduja Fritta Tanto, and Rosary; the Orologion is also occasionally helpful.

Every experience gem on the ground is drawn in by the vacuum. Keep this near the screen corner and wait a short while for gems to build up before removing it.

All foes, even bosses, are eliminated by the Rosary. A simple treasure chest can be found by saving them for the time when the boss can be seen on screen. Again, reserve the use of the Nduja Fritta Tanto’s flamethrower for boss appearances. An increase in luck will give you a better chance of getting rare items.

  • Spend the coins 

As a run goes on, you’ll start to collect coins off the ground, and when you open chests, you’ll get large coin totals. If you manage to outlast the horde for 30 minutes to finish a stage, these coins will take you to the lobby when you’re defeated, and you’ll even get a 500-coin bonus. 18 different attributes that will improve your readiness for your subsequent run can be PowerUp with these coins.

Vampire Survivors provides a refund system that gives you all of your hard-earned coins back if you decide not to use them on PowerUps. You can refund and reorder all PowerUps as you’d like, and because there’s no penalty for overspending, you might as well do it until you run out of money for more improvements.

Check out our PowerUp Sequence guide, which further describes the PowerUp marketplace, if you’d want to know how to buy upgrades in the most effective order.

  • Prepare a plan 

It is advantageous to choose at least a couple of weapons the player will attempt to acquire during the run before the stage begins. They shouldn’t be reluctant to employ some Rerolls, Skips, and Banishes to avoid being compelled to choose any passive item or weapon that isn’t necessary. It also helps and will optimize the build to know which passive items go well with different weapons.

Failure to complete a stage is most frequently caused by choosing passive items along with weapons without having a loose build in mind. The best way to access new content is not by trying to complete a stage by picking random weapons and things.

  • Treasure chests 

One of the weapons and accessories of the character can be used to gain level thanks to treasure chests. In addition, when a weapon satisfies the criteria, they are used to evolve it though not every treasure trove develops weapons. Except in a few rare circumstances, chests dropped before the completion of 10 minutes so, do not evolve weaponry. All the chests in Dairy Plant, Il Molise, and the first monster in the Mad Forest drop chests that can evolve weapons.

  • Don’t be defensive 

You might discover that you naturally play defensively and avoid approaching foes when you play a survival game. However, in Vampire Survivors, this strategy will ultimately make you weak and defenseless as the horde grows in size and power.

You should seek to tactically eliminate the monsters other than escape from them to survive. By taking down as many foes as you can, you’ll be able to accumulate XP gems and find Chests that can let you upgrade your equipment and stats. Additionally, you should adopt an aggressive mindset while leveling up as shown above, and while using money to PowerUp amidst runs.

For instance, you can enhance several defensive traits like MaxHealth, MoveSpeed, or Armor while choosing upgrades or boosting your stats. While not necessarily ineffectual, these equipment’s advantages are dwarfed by the power generated by raw damage per second.

We advise you to select and improve weapons that have a high level of damage output, such as the King Bible and Shadow Pinion, rather than protective goods. As your defensive attributes will eventually fail to neutralize the upcoming damage if you don’t face damage output for defeating the more terrifying late-game foes, your high DPS output will place you in a much better position to fight back the horde.

  • Unlock merchants 

In the game, there is a shopkeeper. But before it can be seen, it must be unlocked. The vendor will provide the player with some of the more expensive and rarer weapons in the game and extra arcana (20,000 gold). Golden Eggs, which permanently raise one of these characters’ stats, are also available from the vendor.

The merchant should be unlocked as soon as feasible for new players. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can only visit the merchant once every run. If a player is having problems when they survive a run and have an open weapon slot, they should use the merchant.

  • Alternative gaming modes 

New game types will start to become available as the player advances through the game. For each stage, Hyper Mode must be unlocked separately; however, when you turn on the rest of the gaming modes, it impacts all stages. The first is that a player will have access to Hyper Mode. In this mode, both projectile speed and movement speed are accelerated. Additionally, while in Hyper Mode, each stage can contain new modifiers.

Hurry Mode just doubles the clock’s pace. Enemy power grows significantly in reverse mode. The adversaries reappear in Endless Mode, significantly stronger than they did at the beginning of the stage, while Death’s arrival at the mark of 30 minutes completion is removed.

  • Unlock evolving weapons 

During your runs, Vampire Survivors deliver a variety of randomly generated weapons, the majority of which you’ll find as the game progresses naturally. The most potent Weapons, however, are the Evolved Weapons that are a little more difficult to acquire.

To get a high bonus in this game with distinctive effects, you must try the attacks with high impact and the great damage caused due to the use of new weapons. This can also lead to the destruction of a huge horde.

By leveling up a few weapons to level 8, choosing an appropriate item, then eliminating a tough enemy who drops chest a minimum of ten minutes into your run, you can construct evolved weapons. Let’s look at an illustration for now before going over all of the Evolved Weapons and the required combinations to unlock them in the guide of Evolved Weapons and their combination.

To access the Death Spiral Evolved Weapon, you must know that:

  • The axe should be upgraded to Level 8.
  • Choose the Candelabrador during a level-up or grab it from floor loot.
  • At Least 10 minutes into your run, defeat a boss-level foe.
  • Obtaining many Evolved Weapons in a single run will swiftly transform you into a formidable opponent against any foe.

Final words 

That’s all you need to know about this super exciting game. It is an amazing game with rogue-like elements and it promises you an amazing experience altogether. You can download and play this game on various devices. All you need to do is install the game properly after downloading. This game has so much to offer that you can never get enough of it. So, start playing it real soon.

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