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The Montreal-based Ludeon Studios created the independent top-down building and administration-simulating video game known as RimWorld. It was first announced as just a Crowdfunding in new content for macOS, Linux as well as Microsoft Windows in November 2013, and it was formally launched on 17th October 2018.

RimWorld PC Game Download

Name RimWorld
Initial Release Date
4 November 2013
PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox One, Mac operating systems
Ludeon Studios, Tynan Sylvester, Double Eleven
Mode Single-player video game
Indie game, Construction and management simulation, Simulation Game, Strategy
Category PC Games >Strategy

The game’s earliest form was Eclipse Colony. On 29th July 2022, Double Eleven, which created and published the game, announced RimWorld Console Version for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is meant to act as an Intelligence “story generator,” where users employ the game as the platform for engaging in storytelling adventures instead of serving as a great challenge or challenge.

Read this post till the end and get familiar with all details about this game including its gameplay, features, development, new update additions, and many more.

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Scenarios and Situations 

In the game’s far-off future, people are dispersed throughout the cosmos but are unable to move beyond the speed of illumination. Planet and stellar systems form independently of one another, whereas some civilizations improve intellectually, and others decline because of conflict or sickness. As a consequence, there is a large variety in the technological prowess of nations, spanning Neolithic nomads to deities of machines that can escape reality.

Although the main plot of Rim world is the same, there are a few different initial situations from which to choose. The game’s description refers to the player characters as “pawns,” and they’re stuck on a dynamically constructed planet outside the boundaries of the recorded universe (a “rim world”).

The characteristics of the individuals are chosen randomly and exert an influence on how they interact with others, how they might help or imperil the community, and their ability to make choices. More people will move into the colony over time. Players can walk in, they can stroll in after an assault, and they can be caught after being saved after an accident on the player map.

The player must therefore carry out research and build a spacecraft or, with the aid of a helpful AI, locate a wrecked ship to win the game. The player should protect the ship for 15 days once it is launched against frantic attempts by the other planetary residents to capture control of it. The credits start after leaving earth with at minimum one colonist.

There is a Royalty DLC in the game that can be used to end the host by High Stellarch, who is the leader of all groups inhabiting the Rim, and leave the community with all. With the idea, ArchoNexus is making the end available for players. This includes selling the colony for a component of a map in the ArchoNexus a huge computer that is moderated by AI and has the potential to control the whole universe.


This game aims to assure that you survive through a community of people, and fight against different environments or inner events via the events that are generated in a personalized world. As the game starts moving ahead, the player will be able to access modern technology via research. The game offers a 2d view which is very unique. Some new changes made to the gameplay are: 

  • Colonization 

On 20th December 2016, another version called Wanderlust was launched. Several new features also were included on the world map. This includes a sphere-shaped world map, factions with several bases, time zones, factions that start with the bases, the potential to travel through the entire world map, the potential of setting up different communities, the generation of the world, and customizable parameters of the world map. The players can attack all the bases and also gather resources from them, making them angry about the attacked people in the process.

  • Combat 

Players can be enforced into different combat events. For instance, in the pirate attack, the player can defend all colonies by developing defensive mechanisms or making the characters suitable for attack. Many defensive measures might be inclusive of automatic turrets and traps. A crucial mechanic in the battle is also covered. Hiding behind the cover, like sandbags or walls, or trees provide the characters low chances to hit the projectiles in a fire fight.

  • Modifications 

Players are allowed to install the modifications also called mods, scattered through the Steam Workshop, the official forum of this game, or the rest of the dividing sites. The game is called for the active modding group, publishing the mods regularly from the quality of the life updates to finishing the overhauls of the gameplay.

  • Technical advancement

Players also can search for new techniques for developing research areas. The players may generate electricity, which can unlock a long list of machines along with increasing the efficiency of the colony. But, they can also be forced to look for ways to produce electricity, like solar panels, wind turbines, or stations generating geothermal power. The player can even unlock various advancements such as drugs, weapons, or medicine.

  • Starvation

Characters in this game require a lot of nourishing. One of the biggest tasks of a big colony is to find a way and feel all colonists. Players can also make a combination of farming, trading, hunting, and animal husbandry. This will help them trade to meet the needs of the colonist. You can also attract and tame them with good but there are lesser chances of the animal attacking the tamer. When they are tamed, those animals can also be reproduced.

  • Characters 

The mental stability of characters is shown by mood meter, impacted by complex or basic requirements, appearance traits, and backstories related to characters. Characters need food, shelter, and rest but also need places to rest when they eat. You need to find food clothes or sufficient time to recreate like cloud watching, star gazing, or playing chess. If you don’t meet the needs, characters will undergo different mental breaks like getting into a daze or also going berserk and attacking the rest of the characters.

With the launch of Alpha 13 on 6th April 2016, another social feature of this was launched. Characters were provided the potential to get several relationships with other people and introduced an opinion system. You can get a lot of benefits from these relationships or also get them detracted from the needs and joys of any character. If you have a poor relationship in your community, it might lead to fights.

You can domesticate and take the animals in this game you can also form relationships with them. The player cannot directly control them. Few animals can be trained using commands. This differs from just being obedient to the master to defending them when attacked. You can also carry and store the items occasionally. 

  • Story and event generation 

All events in the game are generated through an AI dictator which is limited to the gameplay, difficulty of the game, the difficulty of the event, and progression of difficulty based on settings. The AI dictator does an analysis of the current situation of the player and selects events depending on the assessment and what will make it more interesting to the players.

There are 3 AI dictators in the game and all are configured from before. The first is Cassandra’s classic, the one who sticks to the techniques of conventional storytelling and feels the rise and fall in tension.

The second story dictator is Phoebe chillax who is a more relaxed dictator and the last one Randy random is someone who can sake the story completely favoring excitement and random events in the game. You can also choose from 6 preset levels of difficulty apart from the custom difficulty function. They impact the frequency and severity of situations apart from the good, bad, and neutral balance of situations.

Events may also include a simple situation like wild animals roaming on the map or debris of spacecraft causing dangerous events like volcanic winters or cold snaps. There are two different save modes offered in this game. The first is commitment mode which is like the permadeath mode of the game, turning off the manual saving, and also helps in reloading the anytime mode which enables the player to load the data and save it freely. You can also get chances to undo any event you don’t like.

What to expect in the new update? 

  • You will now receive a new type of prisoner, unlike in contrast to the other captives who are steadfastly committed to their house. They cannot be hired, but they may be sold, returned home for strategic reasons, used for plasma or gene cultivation in biotechnology, utilized in rituals, or made into slaves in ideology.
  • They cannot be recruited. (We used this approach to order to make criminal uses other than recruiting more feasible. That is accomplished without disrupting the demographic growth balance by bringing in a fresh batch of steadfastly devoted inmates.) The storyteller options allow for their disabling.
  • Beginning colonists can start with particular items. These may originate from past experiences, medical ailments, or in rare circumstances, a pool of goods. including a heat veneer that can be switched between showing the thermometer inside and outside. A manual search has been included in the missions list.
  • A “bald” hairstyle was added. A “storeroom” function has been added for spaces with several shelves, a “storeroom” function has been added. Included tree stump kinds with cut and broken edges. With each game launch, there is now a choice to change the menu wallpaper randomly is now a choice to change the menu wallpaper randomly.
  • Statistics on crop rate of increase, age, mortality, and how long it takes to clear dirt off areas have been included. Barren plants now have a “cut everything blight” option available. Data on the most recent resistance decrease has been added to the prisoner tab. A “Research bench required” warning has been added. Build trough function has been added to the nutrition paste injector.
  • Updated the settings tab entirely. A mod tool tab is one of several tabs that contain options. Screen shake is now an additional choice. Modules client and mods incompatibility UI have been completely redesigned. A tile checker was added. Holding down the “alt” key will display data for a specific tile. Chess icon additions to several screens.
  • For painters and carpets, I made a regularly spaced float menu. Most goods can fit on shelves in three stacks. Large carcasses, pieces, and minified objects are exceptions. Added a little shelf with a single tile. For simpler administration, groups of bookshelves can be connected.
  • Included the foam weapon and the rocket swarm launcher as two additional turret kinds. To put out adjacent fires, the foaming turret sprays fire foam. Until a colonist activates it, it remains inactive.
  • The missile-swarming artillery is a defense launcher that, when fired, crowds a large area with tiny projectiles. For it to fire, a settler must initiate it. health issues and a gas supply system were included. Now, decaying bodies and flesh emit repulsive rot odor gas. Colonists who are exposed to rot stench regularly run the risk of getting the new “lung rot” ailment.
  • Like the previous smoke, blind soot also stops bullets. A fire foam pop pack was added. The fireman that carries it does it as a multipurpose pack. The pack emits a spray of heat foam onto the operator and the surrounding environment when activated.
  • Lighting with extra unique colors. After finishing their “colored lights” study, players can alter the color of their lamps to any other hue. Painting program added: Use leaf extracts dye to decorate walls, carpets, some equipment, and structures. You may instruct colonists to “paint a board,” “paint flooring,” and “clear paint” using the “Orders” menu. To make your swarm unique, pick colors from a huge selection! The Momordica plant and its usable dye were transferred from Philosophy to Base. They have also added a lot of fresh carpet hues.
  • In contrast to the numerous convicts you already had, you will now also have a broad set of captives that are steadfastly devoted to their homeland. They cannot be hired, but they may be sold, returned home for nationalistic reasons, used for body or gene harvesting in biotechnology, utilized in rituals, or made into slaves in ideology.
  • They cannot be employed. We took this approach since we wanted to boost the competitiveness of all activities for convicts other than recruiting. That is accomplished by upsetting the equilibrium of population expansion by introducing a fresh supply of unquestioningly devoted inmates. The storyteller options allow for their disabling.
  • Color the walls, flooring, and furnishings of your city in any of a large array of colors using dye obtained from the Curcuma crop to give it a distinctive appearance. Install a variety of fresh-colored carpets in the homes of your colonists. Imagine the passionate red bedroom of your dreams or a spooky luminous experiment with the help of lighting that you may change the color of. As a result, we anticipate increasingly crazier screenshots. Also, without Theology being active, you may now utilize all building, object, and floor designs to aesthetically personalize your colony.
  • Install shelves in your storage areas, which can now accommodate three levels of the majority of things. (This one made our tests very happy!) In addition, there is a 1-tile mini-shelf. Cabinets should make your hive neat and organized and safeguard your belongings.
  • Two fresh turret designs: Two new tower configurations have been developed. To put out surrounding fires, the plastic turret sprays fire foam. The rocket swarm weapon is a defense launcher that, when activated, swarms a large area with tiny projectiles. It works well against huge groups of lesser foes, but for extra effect, it only activates when you push the button.
  • Keep young colonists distant from festering bodies and flesh. Partially decomposed tissue now emits rot stench gas, which is terrible to look at. Colonists who are exposed to rot stench regularly run the risk of getting the new “lung rot” sickness. For instance, when you’re overloaded by bodies, have extra waste sites and unused graves on hand!
  • We spent several years speeding up the game’s launching and transfer speed. Running Rim World and importing save games are about 37% quicker according to our tests! That results in a decrease in starting time between 33 and 21 milliseconds on a hypothetical machine. A new save game’s reloading time decreased from 7.9 reduced to 4.6 minutes.

Rimworld Gameplay Screenshots

How To Download RimWorld For PC

  • Download The .ZIP File From The Above Download Button
  • The Game is Pre-Installed, All You Need To Do is Extract
  • After Installing Open The game.exe
  • If You Face Any Errors, Install All .dll Files From The Redlst Folder
  • If You Still Face Problems Contact Us Or Comment Below.

RimWorld PC Requirements Minimum

  • CPU: Core 2 Duo
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • OS: Windows XP
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB of RAM

Main features of the game 

There are a lot of features you’ll get along with this game. Here are some of the most important ones you should know:

  • With the 1.1 updates, which were launched on 24th February 2020, the first digital content (DLC), Monarchy, which added a new sovereign party and psylink equipment for colonists to exploit, was made available. Additionally, it incorporates the ideas of mutated monster clusters, 13 new songs for the audio, additional missions, body implantation, and weaponry.
  • The following DLC, Ideology, which added beliefs based on several memes that make up socialism’s core, was published alongside the 1.3 updates on 20th July 2021. Every ideology introduces unique structures, outfits, missions, and political roles. The hot fix also included the addition of new raid kinds, animal cages, mortar drums, and vehicle renovations.
  • The 1.4 version and the third Add-on, Biotech, were both published on 21st October 2022. The DLC included the capability for colonists for becoming pregnant and launch new families, a new mutated monsters building engineer that enables the renovation of droids that can help the colony of labor or battle, and different options for genotype modifying colonists into other xenohumans that bestow special abilities as well as qualities.
  • There are now more nonhuman groups available, from super warriors to cave dwellers. Construction-related pollution may seriously harm colonies by spreading disease, obstructing sunlight with haze, and arousing dormant subsurface organisms. Additionally, the improvement reduced the show’s starting loading speed by about 37%.
  • A narrative generator is called Rim World. It’s intended to founder novels of captive pirates, starving colonists, famine, and endurance that are sad, twisted, and victorious. It operates by influencing the seemingly random occurrences that life presents to you. Every rainstorm, pirate attack, and wandering salesman are cards the AI Narrator deals into your narrative. There are many different authors to pick from. Cassandra Classic enjoys creating tension, while Phoebe Chillax prefers to sleep. Randy Random performs wild things.
  • You may decide whether you should set down your landing pods in a blazing tropical rainforest, a warm woodland, a barren desert flat, or a frigid tundra. Animals, vegetation, illnesses, weather, weather, mineral deposits, and topography vary according to location. There are many differences between the difficulties of life in a dry desolate wasteland or a snowy tundra with the 2 growth seasons.
  • Distressed colonists will be cheered up by adorable pets. It is possible to labor, milk, and shear domesticated animals. You can unleash attack creatures on your adversaries. There are a variety of animals, including cats, chow chows, grizzly bears, elephants, cheetahs, gerbils, chicks, and unusual life forms that resemble aliens.
  • Character abilities are impacted by chronic diseases, prostheses, persistent viruses, and wounds on every body part. Surgery and shooting are both difficult after eye injuries. Leg injuries make it harder to move. Body parts such as the hand, skull, mouth, chest, liver, renal, abdomen, feet, fingertips, and toenails can all be injured, ill, or missing, and doing so will have logical implications in the game.
  • And different animals have various body structures; if you remove one leg from a deer, it can walk on its remaining 3. When a rhino’s horn is removed, it becomes significantly less deadly.
  • Characters in RimWorld continually assess their circumstances and environment to determine how they feel at whatever given time. They react to starvation and exhaustion, seeing a murder, seeing bodies dismissively left scattered on the ground, experiencing wounds, having left dark, being crammed into small spaces, camping outdoors or in a room as people, and a variety of other scenarios. If they are under too much stress, they can lose it or lose control.

Final words 

Here was a detailed description of this amazing video game for you. If you haven’t played Rim World before, you must play it real soon. It is very easy to download on any supported platform so just go ahead and download the game on your device. All that you need to do is install the game properly before you start playing it. The game has so much to offer that you’re not going to feel bored even if you play it for a long.

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