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The Czech company Wube Software created the building and administrative simulation game called Factorio. Following a four-year early access period, the game was launched for macOS, Linux, and Windows on 14th August 2020. It was first declared through an Indiegogo crowdfunding advertisement in 2013. On 28th October 2022, the game was launched for the Nintendo Switch.

Factorio PC Game Download

Name Factorio
Initial Release Date
25 February 2016
Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems
Wube Software
Mode Multiplayer video game
Action game, Indie game, Real-time strategy, Casual game
Category PC Games >Casual

The game centers on a developer who lands on an alien world in an accident and has to gather resources and establish an economy for building a rocket. Being a sandbox game, players can carry on with it even after the storyline has concluded. Both separate and cooperative modes are included in the game.

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What is the game about? 

Factorio is a game where you need to build factories and maintain them. You will mine resources, research various technologies, build infrastructure, automate production and fight against your enemies. Towards the beginning of this game, you will do many activities like ore mining, chopping plants, and also craft mechanical equipment.

You can also transport the belts by your hand but in a very short time, you can be the industrial powerhouse. You will find massive solar fields, oil cracking, and refining. You can also manufacture the logistic robots and deploy them.

Then, you can use them for all your equipment requirements. But this game is based on the endless exploration of the resources in the game world. But, this exploitation of resources in the game will not be good for the local people, so you must be prepared for defending yourself and the machine empire.

Join the forces with the rest of the players playing in multiplayer cooperative mode. You can develop massive factories, adjoin and allocate tasks between each other. Add all mods to improve your environment, be it small, or weak, or help the mods to finish the game till the end. The base modding system of Factorio has enabled content developers worldwide to make interesting and creative features.

The main gameplay is formulated as a free-play situation; there are various intriguing challenges in terms of scenarios. If you can’t find any scenarios or maps to enjoy, you can develop your map editor in the game to keep enemies, entities, and the terrain just the way you want. You can also include your own customized script to make the gameplay more interesting.


The resource-gathering simulation game Factorio draws inspiration again from BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft modules for the computer game Minecraft as well as real-time strategy and survival gameplay features. The player sustains by finding and gathering resources to manufacture a variety of equipment and machines, which produce more sophisticated materials and enable the development of more advanced technology and equipment.

The player keeps developing and running their mechanized assembly line, which automates the extraction, shipping, treatment, and assembly of materials and goods, the game advances. To build new buildings, items, and upgrades, players must first learn advanced technologies. These technologies range from simple automation to oil refinement, robots, and operated exoskeletons.

The game has a blueprint system that enables users to design reusable blueprints to manufacture components. The blueprints serve as a foundation for construction, enabling the duplication of entire factories or systems within them.

Since Factorio is an expansive world game, it is possible to choose to ignore this objective but rather begin developing a factory. The game is officially “won” by the launch of a rocket. Since building a rocket needs an enormous number of resources, the player is encouraged to establish a sizeable, productive factory to fulfill this objective.

What should you expect from this game? 

If you’re new to this game, here are the things you should expect from this game:

  • Energy 

You can get all machines but they can’t run freely. You must generate sufficient electricity to increase their power. You need to wonder if you can opt for cheap steam, which generates a lot of pollution, or for environment-friendly and costly solar panels.

  • Production, logistic, and mining systems 

This is the main part of the game. You can mine drills and dig the ground to collect ore. Robotic weapons can move material from all sides. Many furnace lines melt the high-cost ores. You can also assemble the machines automatically to build more products. And you can carry the conveyor belts everywhere you go.

  • Oil refining 

That is a lot of things you can get in this game and not just ores. This planet is very rich in terms of oil and you will also require it. You can get it from the deep tunnels. Break the tunnel into different refineries or in the chemical plants too.

  • Research 

You are very skillful and clever in this game but you don’t have to be aware of everything. Research all technologies to make your path and automate completely self-dependent industries.

  • Personal transport

Your factors will become bigger and the speed of walking will be slow. Start setting up the manufacturing for the engines and start riding across in style.

  • Logistic robots

There is another third support of the logistic system. You require good technology for this. But then you can have a lot of attractive drones that can move things for you based on some normal conditions set by you.

  • Trains 

Belts are very useful for the ores. If the path of resources is close and not big. Elsewhere, you can construct a good train and improve your logistics to another level.

Factorio Screenshots

How To Download Factorio For PC

  • Download The .ZIP File From The Above Download Button
  • The Game is Pre-Installed, All You Need To Do is Extract
  • After Installing Open The game.exe
  • If You Face Any Errors, Install All .dll Files From The Redlst Folder
  • If You Still Face Problems Contact Us Or Comment Below.

Factorio PC Requirements Minimum

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: Dual core 3 Ghz+
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: DirectX 10.1 capable GPU with 512 MB VRAM – GeForce GTX 260, Radeon HD 4850 or Intel HD Graphics 5500
  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (64 Bit)

Factorio PC Requirement (Recommended)

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: Quad core 3Ghz+
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: DirectX 11 capable GPU with 2 GB VRAM – GeForce GTX 750 Ti, Radeon R7 360
  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7 (64 Bit)

Main features of this game 

If you haven’t played Factorio before, you must know the features it offers. Here are the features of this game you should know about:

  1. HD graphics 

Graphics are an integral part of any video game and considering that this game developer has designed the graphics very carefully. The graphics added to this game are just amazing and you will be attracted to the game for its graphics. Everyone loves to play games that have excellent graphics and if you’re someone who looks for such a game, this is the best game you should try.

  1. Superb sound 

Apart from graphics, background sound also plays a very important role in making a video game popular. Here, the music and graphics are quite simplistic but powerful. Sometimes the music would completely stop playing, leaving you alone in your workshop with nothing but the background sounds, which felt surprisingly comforting. Even though the graphics are basic, there is a great deal of joy in witnessing your defenses go into operation as alien assailants approach or watching a fleet of hover bots transport goods from one half of your area to another.

  1. Freeplay mode

In Factorio’s Freeplay mode, you are merely dropped onto a big, randomly created area with few resources. Starting from zero, you must construct your own house while obtaining electricity and construction supplies and maintaining your safety. It took us a few hundred hours to finish a playthrough, but we discovered that keeping ourselves protected with enough ammunition for our cannons and weapons was the best way to proceed. However, there is no true set strategy for completing the game.

  1. Lots of customizations 

As mentioned already this game is primarily about building your factories and doing everything possible to maintain them. If you have an interest in factory building and stuff, this game will seem very interesting to you. There are unlimited customization options offered to the players of this game. You can decorate your factory the way you want and let it run as per your preferences too.

  1. Multiplayer mode 

The Multiplayer mode of this game enables the players to play together in a cooperative manner or player vs. player. You can also play this game in local mode through the internet. Factorio supports listening to servers and dedicated servers. These servers are often hosted by players. Earlier, the game was connected individually. But this was eliminated as more strong options were created. The files of saved works can also be loaded smoothly in single-player and multiplayer modes.

By default, all the players on every server can share the technologies, until a mechanism of several teams has been constituted by the server host. Friendly fire is there. When the hardest limit for the player count is 65,535 because of restrictions of the protocol, this number hasn’t been reached; the most famous servers handle different players together. Players can share development blueprints with the rest of the players on any server through a library of public blueprints.

The player is entrusted with safeguarding their factory and themselves again from the planet’s native fauna, known as “Crawlers,” “Spitters,” and “Insects.” These creatures become more hostile as the player’s factory’s pollutant emissions rise, so the player must balance their production with the opponent’s aggressiveness.

To take out adversaries, the player can use tanks, defensive turrets, and other weaponry. The difficulty of defeating adversary’s increases as the game goes on. At the beginning of the game, players have the option of setting the earth’s natural fauna to “peaceful.” The fauna would still spawn, but they won’t assault the player or factory directly; instead, they’ll only strike back if they or a nearby unit get direct physical harm.

  1. Modding 

Factorio is made to be customizable through mods to produce more content, such as gameplay adjustments or retexturing of aesthetic components. For mod creators to host their work, the Factorio website’s designers provide an online interface. There is a mod editor that enables gamers to instantly install them to assist the modding community. Lua is used for writing mods.

You can test a few of the game’s predefined tasks if Freeplay seems a little daunting or aimless to you. These can be scheduled challenges with a restricted amount of building area or competitions with other players to construct the first rocket. Although several of them approximated lengthy tutorials, for gamers who have put many hours into the game, it could be an enjoyable way to break up the routine.


Factorio is the ideal game if you have ever desired to leverage the potential of industrialization. You are stranded in a mysterious alien world and must use both your inventions and the remnants of technology that the first person who arrived here left behind to live and leave this location. This is a sci-fi manufacturing simulation with a tiny bit of adventure thrown in.

What begins simply develops to be among the most captivating management simulations we’ve ever played. The Switch edition of Factorio delivers a relatively comparable experience to the original, which debuted on the PC more than two years back.

For instance, there are instances when the cursor’s directions on the left half of the screen obscure the dialogue, causing us to miss important details regarding our next goal. Due to the bigger screen, the issue is less of a problem in docked mode, but the handheld mode was frustrating for us.

The inability to easily identify a single component in our occasionally chaotic industrial setting is the second problem with this console port. The mouse and keyboard provide greater accuracy than the joystick. Although the touchpad is supported, we found it to be rather inaccurate beyond the menu, maybe as a result of our ineffective layouts. Nevertheless, we occasionally found it challenging to identify particular things.

Other issues, such as the preliminary title screen loading surprisingly gradually, are less prevalent and don’t depart from the otherwise excellent and captivating game. You’ll spend most of your time in Factorio’s open-world environment selecting the ideal industrial plan. The secret to progress is to have an objective in mind, which might be as straightforward as constructing a protective perimeter or as complex as building a space rocket to enable you to evacuate the planet.

However, when fresh technologies become available, even the best-designed systems will need to be changed, so you’ll continuously be updating and swapping out old systems as necessary.

Players in Factorio have access to some genuinely strange technology that they may discover and create. Everything has a function, from basic conveyor belts to roaming killing machines. The majority of goods are either designed to defend your industrialized region or to hasten the manufacture of pieces required to finish researching packs and materials.

Your factory will generate more pollution as you increase the rate of production, which will hasten the evolution of the surrounding animals into something more capable of killing you.

It gradually turns into a battle against time as you strive to control your industry quickly enough to leave this world without even being wiped out by hordes of creatures that are approaching your door that is gaining strength and becoming vicious.

Although we had some problems obtaining online multiplayer to operate throughout our experience with its pre-launch, Factorio’s multiplayer enables users to join their friends’ games that are already in progress or to ask random individuals to participate in their own game.

When we joined open games, we regularly had server disconnects, but once we discovered an interactive game that was reliable enough to play, we had a great time keeping up with other players’ progress. Crossplay among PC users indicates that many of these players have been playing their games for countless hours, using sophisticated methods to assist them in fleeing reality.

Everyone is operating toward the same purpose thanks to the multiplayer’s cooperative focus, comparing notes via text chat and sharing advice on how to construct the common factory. It is simple to understand why a lot of time and effort was put into this. It takes a minimum of five hours to complete the tutorial alone. Holding your hand and providing you with a hazy set of instructions to go on to the next step doesn’t help. During the introduction, we lost multiple times since we wasted resources on the early gathering of the improper minerals and ran out of energy for our weaponry at pivotal moments


Since the middle of 2012, a group of programmers in Prague, Czech Republic, have been working on the game. The development group began with just one member and has since expanded. Tomas Kozelek and Michal Kovak founded Wube Software in September 2014 in Prague. The show’s project team started an Indiegogo campaign to collect money for the project, which ran from 31st January to 3rd March 2013.

The campaign exceeded its €17,000 objective by €21,626. Wube offered early access versions of the game after the crowdfunding campaign was a success to raise more cash. The show’s trailer’s April 2014 debut, according to the creators, was a major factor in those purchases. The team has 18 members till March 2021.

The game’s principal creator, Michal Kovak, credited the BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft Minecraft modifications for inspiring. The game was initially made available for download through factorio.com and then published as instant access on Steam on February 25, 2016. On August 14, 2020, it was officially taken out of early access.

To avoid clashing with the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, which at the time was set to be published on September 17, 2020, it was initially intended to be released on September 25, 2020, but was moved forward a month. The creators said that 1.1 will be the original game’s final significant update in February 2021 and that the latest expansion pack was in the works.

Wube Software does have new information to reveal about the future improvements to the popular base-building tournament’s content about the Factorio update, which is currently in development.

Factorio is a videogame about creating a factory, as the name suggests. In Steam Early Access, the game sold more than a million records since its release in version 1.0 in 2020. The developers then released the sizable 1.1 updates and indicated an expansion.

Over a year ago, it was initially reported that an expansion was planned. The developers have sarcastically revealed that their estimate was technically accurate in today’s progress update, confirming that the update is still heavily in development. At the time, Wube Software stated that it didn’t think it really would require just under a year to build.

The expansion will be developed in 7 steps, and Wube Software has described the logistical issues that could arise. It’s doubtful that a prototype copy of the software will be published because this expansion will replace the game’s main engine. In other words, the expansion will be released when it is done, but after a quick beta test with a limited group of players.

The 1.2 version will debut at the same time as the Factorio expansion. It’s interesting to note that the addition will effectively function as a mod, enabling users to toggle it on and off with the flick of a button without significantly altering the game. The expansion will primarily focus on new content and gameplay, while the basic game will get upgraded with fresh features independent of whether you buy it, and many quality-of-life changes and other anticipated additions will be available in the 1.2 updates for all players.

Release Date

Although a more precise launch date is yet to be mentioned, the Factorio expansion will most likely arrive sometime in 2022. The extension will debut alongside the Factorio 1.2 patch.

There is another specific detail about which we are certain: the expansion will cost $30.00, the same as the main game. “Put in enough information to make it so well worth the expense,” claims Wube Software. For the time being, the basic game of Factorio is still a lot of fun to play; you can buy it for $30.00 or the equivalent in your region by visiting the game’s official website.

Final words 

That’s all you should know about this game in detail. If you want to play Factorio, go ahead and download it on your device. Just ensure to install the game properly before you start playing. This will make sure that the game runs smoothly on your device. It is a very suitable game for anyone who has an interest in developing factories and knowing how they operate.

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